"Betsy is amazing! When I started planning my wedding last winter I cherished dreams of wearing an updated version of my grandmother's lace wedding gown from 1947. I'd grown up looking at one of her wedding photos on the wall of our home every day throughout my childhood, but I had no idea if the gown was in good enough repair to use. I also wanted to find a way to update the look of the dress to make it more contemporary while still honoring the look original gown. In searching for designers who worked with heirloom gowns I found Betsy's webpage. What a lucky day for me! Betsy was wonderful in every way, and I loved my wedding dress completely. The process was so easy and fluid. Betsy sent me sketches of different options, and we worked together to come up with a design. She was always extremely responsive and flexible with all scheduling or artistic questions. The gown was absolutely beautiful and extremely well made. It was more than I'd ever hoped for when I first imagined wearing grandma's dress! Betsy worked magic!" - Jenny S.


"Where to begin...!? Betsy has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Knowing I didn't want an off-the-rack dress, I approached Betsy with two photographs of dresses I liked and asked if she could somehow combine them into something that would work for me. She followed up with about 8 sketches all incorporating the features I liked most in the two photos. I decided on certain elements in a few of them and she produced the final sketch - exactly what I was looking for. I live in San Francisco but frequent New York enough that I was able to schedule a few fittings within the 6 months. Each time, it just got better and better! Betsy tweaked things as we went along and accommodated small changes I requested. In short, it's been the easiest part of planning a wedding. Her craftsmanship is unparalleled and she has a keen eye for what looks best on women of all different shapes and sizes. She listens to what you want and then produces exactly that." - Keelin L.


"I had always known I would want a custom made wedding dress. Betsy's talents as a designer and a dressmaker were essential in making my dream wedding dress a reality. She was available to me at every step of the way; from consulting with me from abroad when I was buying the silk in India, to being by my side through all of the sketching, designing and constructing, right up until the very last step of zipping me up. Her professionalism and attentiveness were driving forces, and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Betsy was someone who took my ideas and my personality and (no pun intended) seamlessly wove it into a dress that was truly and uniquely me." - Danielle Z.


"I've never been a very traditional person, but when I first got engaged, for some reason, I went directly to the off the rack option for wedding dresses. I tried on dozens of white dresses, and the reflection in the mirror felt like a complete alien was staring back at me. I thought having a custom gown made would be too complicated or too costly. Then I sat down with Betsy, and everything changed. Not only did Betsy work within my budget but she made the entire experience completely relaxed, luxurious and easy. Betsy worked closely with me to hone and craft not only a gorgeous wedding gown, but a vision for what I wanted to look and feel like on my wedding day. She listened to what I wanted, and made amazing suggestions. She went above and beyond to deliver a fabulous garment that was the ultimate reflection of who I am. I could not imagine doing it any other way!" - Sara K.


"Observing and participating in the transformation of my dress – from rough pencil sketches to the moment Betsy zipped me up on the big day – was one of the most beautiful and inspirational experiences of my life. Talent is an understatement for Betsy’s needlecraft. I could fully trust Betsy with my grandmother’s wedding dress, which she reconstructed into a new gown. She included me in every step of the design process, even from long-distance, so that the final result was truly “me.” After working with Betsy, the idea of a pre-made, store bought gown seems dull and lifeless. I can’t recommend Betsy enough. She will harness your dreams and, with ever so much care and professionalism, stitch them into gorgeous reality!" - Margot W.